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Our vacation in 2008 was to the beautiful country of El Salvador. We spent nearly 3 weeks visiting San Salvador, the nation's capital, and several other places in the western part of the country. Our main destinations, besides San Salvador, were Roca Sunzal in Puerto La Libertad, Apaneca, Juayua, Ahuachapan, Concepción de Ataco, Santa Ana and Suchitoto.

San Salvador

The Best of El Salvador

To give you a glimpse of all we saw, here is a summary with some of the photos (58 shots) from all the locations we visited. If you have more time and curiosity, you can explore the sections below for more photos.

Panoramics and videos

  • San Salvador
  • Lake Coatepeque
  • Apaneca Canopy Tour

Flowers and more

El Salvador has some of the most beautiful flora I've seen. The highways are lined with flowers, and it seems that just about anything will grow in its soil. This section is primarily flowers we saw along our stops, but it also includes butterflies and humming birds.

The photos in the sections above were selected from the various places we visited in El Salvador. If you have time and want to, you can explore each individual location below.
San Salvador

San Salvador

A view of the nation's capital, including visits to the National Theatre, National Cathedral, National Palace, Museum of Anthroplogy, San Salvador volcano (Parque El Boqueron), National Cemetery and various churches, malls, etc.
Puerto La Libertad

La Libertad

Puerto La Libertad and its volcanic beaches, including Roca Sunzal and surfers. Roca Sunzal is famous for its waves and a preferred spot for surfers. The beach is considered the 8th best surfing beach in the world and the best in Central America.


"The most beautiful city in El Salvador," said the signs. Indeed it was a very beautiful city in the mountains with lots of flowers everywhere and all lightposts hand painted with floral themes.

Canopy tour

Zipline Canopy Tour

A 2-hour zipline adventure above the tree tops.



Another charming town.



A larger city in the western part of the country.

Concepcion de Ataco

Concepción de Ataco

This was my favorite of the small towns.


Tazumal Ruins

Archaelogical ruins.


Lake Coatepeque

A gorgeous lake in a volcanic crater.



A national park above the volcanoes.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana

The largest city in the west of El Salvador.



Where the rebels hid during the civil war years.

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